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          >> During the visit you will be able to tour campus with an IC Ambassador and hear about their experiences being an Illinois College student. You will also meet with an 入场 Counselor for an information session. These visits last about an hour and can happen in the comfort of your own home! This is ideal for those who are beginning their college search or wanting general information about Illinois College.


          >> Our virtual "Transfer 访问 Days" are designed to streamline the transfer process and remove the stress and frustration of waiting for an admission decision or receiving your financial aid award. The admission staff will review your application on the spot and provide you with an immediate admission decision on your transfer application to Illinois College. 


          >> IC Weekend Live will allow you to explore what Illinois College has to offer you -- virtually! While nothing beats being on campus, we can't wait to showcase Illinois College through the zoom lens. This virtual experience will last about an hour and a half and will provide a live campus tour with an IC Student Ambassador, current student Q&A and choice of information sessions. This is ideal for those interested in connecting with other students and learning more about Illinois College and 校园生活. 

          >> Take a look into campus life and all of the opportunities offered at Illinois College through these unique looks at IC!


          >> We've also hosted live virtual meetings with IC students and staff who will become part of your network when you are a student here. They’re only 20 min each so we encourage you to watch a few.


          >> You can also take a virtual tour through campus - see our residence halls, academic and athletic facilities, and more!


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